Our dance courses are 6 weeks long. We offer a total of 8 dance terms per calendar year. We offer the following styles: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Cuban Salsa, Zouk-Lambada, Rueda & Dance Technique classes.

We always recommend to book early or online to secure your spot in class!


At Tropical Soul, we offer you Dance Memberships! They work like a gym membership. Why not take as many classes as you want? The more you dance, the more you save! Our Tropical memberships come with great benefits – visit our Memberships page for all the details!


3 months membership
  •  That's $39 per week
  •  $30 one-off setup fee
  • Upfront cost is $510 (no setup fee)
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6 months membership
  •  That's $36 per week
  • $30 one-off setup fee
  • Upfront cost is $930 (no setup fee)
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If you prefer to register term, by term, then you can choose from the following pricing options. Keep in mind than in order to progress in your dancing, at Tropical Soul we follow a comprehensive dance syllabus (for each style).



  • 6 weeks term
  • That’s $20 per class
  •  If registered at reception at the start of the term
  • No online facilities


  • 6 weeks term
  • That’s $17.05 per class
  •  Valid Student ID must be presented when registering
  • This promotion is not available online, please contact the studio or book with the receptionist


  • Per class
  • For Drop ins
  • Valid for one hour of class, any style
  • We recommend to attend the full term as instructors follow a syllabus
  • 6 Weeks term


Double your dancing or register as a couple and SAVE! Promos can be purchased over the phone or at the studio (not available online).


$190/per term
  • $180 for students (concession)
  • For one person attending any 2 courses in the same term
  • Only $95 per course
  • Save $50!


$200/per term
  • For a couple registering together in a partnered dance style
  • Save $40 – Only $100 per person
  • Must be for the same class at the same time, for 1 leader and 1 follower
  • Must be paid together through same card, or in cash


  • Above prices are effective from the 1st of July 2016
  • All prices include 10% GST
  • A 2% surcharge applies for credit card and Online payments
  • Promotions/discounts cannot be combined
  • No refunds or transfers for absence (NO SHOWS) once the term has started
  • There will be no credit or refund to your account if you miss a class during the term
  • If you registered but cannot attend the classes before they have commenced, let us know and we can transfer your booking to another term (A fee of $10 applies)


We accept VISA and MasterCard payments online and at the studio. We cannot take American Express, Discover, Dinners Club or any other credit card.