Wedding Dances

Wedding-danceYour wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and the wedding dance is the perfect opportunity to show your friends and family how well you can work together as a team, have fun and not only show your love for each other, but also show-off your dance moves!

Let us help you in this journey! Our experience instructors can help you in every steps of your wedding dance.

We will work with you on the following:

  • Selecting and cutting the right song for you
  • Giving you ideas for your wedding dance, or
  • Choreographing your dance from start to finish
  • Ensuring your wedding dress does not get tangled during your dance
  • Working out the space of the dance floor and selecting the right dance shoes
  • Above all, making sure you are having fun!
We have different packages to suit your needs:
1 or 2 training sessions. 60 mins long
$130 per session with Senior Instructor
5 training sessions. 60 mins long
$625 with Senior Instructor
10 training sessions. 60 mins long
$1200 with Senior Instructor

Training sessions will be scheduled on a time that suits you and the instructor.

Ready to start this dancing journey?!  We’ll be able to better guide and help you out!
Our best advice: don’t leave ’till too late!

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Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, I’m sure I speak for Tony as well, but prior to yesterday we were a bit stressed out and worried about the dance but after yesterday’s session I now feel very excited and confident that it will be awesome 🙂
Thanks Tropical Soul for being part of this journey. We look forward to show our wedding dance to our friends and family now!
Thank you again!
T & S