ENZO is well known SALSA / MAMBO dancer, coming from Canada. But also, ENZO is very versatile dancer, with knowledge in commercial and his specialty… DANCING IN HEELS!

Dancers in the LATIN DANCE Community have been asking ENZO to teach them his technique in dancing in heels! SO HERE IT IS YOUR CHANCE!

MONDAYS, Starting on Monday, 4 of Nov, for 5 weeks
Time: 9.30pm for 1h15 sessions

This will be a commercial dance style choreography with elements from Bachata, Salsa and Latin dancing!

To be part of this team, we recommend that you are comfortable with your Latin Dancing technique

The main purpose of this choreography is to perform it at World Salsa Solo! (WE HAVE THEIR BLESSING and secured performance spot!). Performers pass not included in the choreography course

ALSO, this team will perform at
Friday 29 November La Famosa Party, Social Dancing & Workshop FRI 29 NOV and many other Sydney events!

Total cost is $140 (TS Members get 10% off)