As a business, it is important to determine what makes us unique and what matters most to us. In this world where it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters, it was important for us to find our voice, and clearly state our values. And to be honest, it came quite naturally to us, as these are the principles we have been living by since the very beginning of Tropical Soul Dance Studio, 1 and half year ago.



Fostering friendships and connections between people through dance.

We believe that the quality of our lives depends on the peer group we surround ourselves with. We are very grateful to be surrounded by a lot of amazing people on a daily basis at the studio, and we believe in helping and enabling people to connect and make friends through dance. We think this is why the atmosphere is so awesome at Tropical Soul! We love that everyone comes in and leaves with a smile!


Providing high quality dance instruction and customer service, through a team of knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated staff members.

We are highly committed to provide you the highest quality of dance instruction. Not only we associate ourselves with recognised and successful instructors and dancers, but we are also dedicated to training new instructors to become the next generation of greats. We ensure that you will not only learn a lot and              work hard, but you will also have a bunch of fun.

CommunityBeing a positive and driving force in the growth of our local community and the Latin dancing industry.

We believe in making a positive difference, and we are proud to contribute to both our local community (Darlinghurst/Surry Hills) and the Latin dancing industry. We are committed to be a positive influence, work in collaboration with other businesses/dance schools, and helping community groups. We want to make the world a BETTER PLACE and will keep you updated with our projects! 🙂


FunWe do everything with a smile! At TS, not only you will learn a lot, but you’ll also have fun doing it.

We like to ensure that everybody here at Tropical Soul has fun! It’s not just a dance studio, but a community of folks who enjoy coming together and having fun through dance. Whether it’s through our classes and giving out high-fives, or through our socials like our monthly Salsa & Bachata parties, we like to have fun and see you smile, dance, and have fun!