Learn from multiple-time Australian Champions and top Latin dance instructors! Challenge yourself and fast-track your dancing!

Want to push your dancing and take it to the next level? Then come and join one of our choreography / performance teams! Learn a new routine that will challenge you and improve your dancing skills. Choose from a variety dance styles that we offer: BACHATA, SALSA, REGGAETON, FUNK, TWERK and more!

Not only will you get the chance to elevate your dance skills, but you’ll also develop your confidence and create bonds & friendships with a fun team of people.

At Tropical Soul, we have been developing dancers since 2011! Our teams and choreographies are known for being entertaining, creative, top quality, challenging, technical, and overall A LOT OF FUN!


Summer Choreography Course

The Choreography Season 2 of 2024 is going to be jammed pack with awesome routines and performance opportunities!

Don’t miss out, enrol and join one of the performance teams. In 10 sessions, you will be the routine and be ready to perform it at local & national events!


Enjoy the opportunity to perform at some of the biggest Latin dance events in Sydney, such as:

21 SEP
and more events!



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Keep the following Terms & Conditions in mind...

When registering for a choreography course, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Choreography fees are non-refundable as TSDS must pre-plan team details such as number of couples and/or individuals, choreography routines and arrangements, and other resources. TSDS is not responsible if you change my mind or your circumstances change.
  • Full payment of the choreography course(s) is due on or before the start of your choreography course.
  • Discounts on multiple choreography course(s) only apply within the current choreography session (ie. not for any other previous choreography sessions).
  • By booking for this choreography course, you’re confirming that you’re available and committing yourself to attend ALL the training sessions.
  • Extra training sessions with your team or dance partner may be required, and you are willing to go all in and work hard to become the best dancer you can be!
  • Any additional training session with the choreographer, outside of the scheduled session, will be extra and will incur a separate payment.
  • If more than 1 training session is missed, a private lesson will need to be booked with your choreographer to catch up.
  • If you miss more than 3 training sessions, understand you may not have the chance to perform with your team.
  • Plan approximately $100 (exclusive of dance shoes) for the purchase of your performance costume.
  • The use of any images and/or videos made from trainings, rehearsals, and the performances may be used for promotional purposes by TSDS, so don’t forget to smile!
  • TSDS reserves the right to update the choreography timetable. Students will be advised of any changes at least 2 weeks before they occur.
  • All choreography must have a minimum number of couples (or dancers) in order to go ahead. If numbers are not met, TSDS may cancel the choreography course, refund the amount paid or move the registration to another choreography course.

* Some Advanced level choreography teams require for you to get approval from the team leader before joining. Please inquire before booking.