When you start dancing, practice is very important and the music that you dance to makes a big difference, as there are many flavours and style of Latin music.

Below are our top picks for people starting to take Salsa & Bachata classes (the most popular Latin Rhythms).

The following list of songs focuses on songs were the instruments are very clear, they have a good tempo and are easy to dance to.

Recommended Salsa Songs

  1. Jimmy Bosch: Slow Salsa
  2. Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz: Yamulemau (original song by Joe Arroyo)
  3. Ray Barreto: Acid
  4. Hector y Tito con Victor Manuel: Ay amor (salsa version)
  5. Los Nemus: Cuera Maraca y Bongo
  6. Lenny Kravitz: Thinking of you (salsa version)
  7. DLG: No morira
  8. Frankie Ruiz: Cosas Nativas
  9. Grupo Latin Vibe: La Llave
  10. Luis Enrique: Yo no se manana
  11. Joe Arroyo: La Rebelion

Recommended Bachata Songs

  1. Alejandro Fernandez ft. Hector Acosta: Se me va la voz
  2. Frank Reyes: Princesa
  3. Daniel Santacruz: A donde va el amor
  4. Toby Love ft El Vaquero & Voltio: We got it
  5. Domenic Marte: Ven Tu
  6. Joan Soriano: Vocales de amor
  7. Aventura: Obsesion
  8. Monchy Y Alexandra: Hasta el fin
  9. Prince Royce: Stand by me
  10. Romeo Santos ft Usher: Promise
  11. Xtreme: Te extrano

List provided by DJ Super Juan from Bachateros.com


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