***Updated Thursday, 16 February: We have POSTPONED the WCS Intermediate Choreography course UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ***


Hello West Coasties from Tropical Soul!

We are ready to start again our West Coast Swing classes and our new choreography course. Charles, Michelle and Janet from Nuroc will be our lovely and talented instructors.

So, just to answers some questions about WCS at Tropical Soul.

****We have POSTPONED the WCS choreography course UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE****

The choreo is “Sexy and you know it!” I know some of you guys have told me you want to be part of it, but you MUST register with our receptionist or by e-mailing us at [email protected]. Whilst I would love for this choreography to happen, it all depends on numbers.

We have a Beginners/Open Levels WCS class starting on Thursday, 23 of February (7:30pm) and a WCS Intermediate class following (8:30pm).  As of now, we have more females than guys, so GUYS, come on and join these classes! Also, if you know of anybody that would like to join, please spread the word.

The classes will teach the WCS fundamentals plus dance combinations as well.

The WCS Social on Thursday nights start on Thursday, 23 of February (9:30pm) after our Intermediate class. Please spread the word and lets get this to be the biggest WCS night in Sydney 🙂














That’s it for now! But here’s some WCS inspiration: