“The Dancer’s Spotlight” is a new section of the TSDS website & newsletter that will feature some of our talented pool of dancers.

We’ll ask them a few questions and get to know them a little better and explore their history and experiences with Latin dancing.  If you’ve see these folks around the studio, be sure to say hello to them!

In our second edition, the Salsa-loving Clement let us in on his world:

The down low:  Clement S., 24, Paris, France

Sydney link:  Clement started his Australia adventure in December 2010.  He’s currently working as Business Development Manager for a recruitment agency.

How it started: A lot of reasons actually: because I wasn’t doing sports any longer and thought that dancing could be a cool, fun thing to do, and now I’m addicted!

Through my previous job, I met Juan during a meeting and thought I should give it a go! I’ve always been inspired by the Latin culture and travelled and lived in South America for a year!

My parents danced Salsa for a very long time when I was a kid and I always thought it was a great dance. They were actually the first people to ignite my passion for it!

All-time favourite song: Way too many – I’m a music-holic and always have music on!

Best new song: “On & On” by Frankie Numi & Remsey Lef

Salsa or Bachata: Without a doubt, SALSA!

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