It’s time for the TSDS EASTER BREAK WORKSHOPS! The last few weeks of this term have been great to see all the new faces and to see all the returning students 🙂 As we prepare for the end of the term, we’re also excited to announce a week full of exciting workshops!

We’ll have the following workshops, each of them lasting for 2 hours to get those techniques right:


RUMBA (AFRO CUBAN BODY MOVEMENT) Adrian, one of the best Cuban Dancers in Australia, will teach you the body movement and isolations to create an authentic Rumba movement. INSTRUCTOR: Adrian Medina MONDAY, 1st of Apr
FUN SALSA COMBOS Salsa turn patterns Beg/Int level that are easy to lead and follow for the dance floor. INSTRUCTOR: Josie & Jared MONDAY, 1st of Apr
BACHATA SOCIAL DIPS & HIGHLIGHTS Learn the proper techines for the different dips, add them into the your social dancing and learn how to hit the breaks INSTRUCTOR: Juan & Sam TUESDAY, 2nd of Apr
SALSA SPINS & TURN PATTERNS Spins is an important part of Salsa Dancing. Learn the different types of spins and their techinques, and add them to your Salsa turn patterns INSTRUCTORS: Josie & Juan WEDNESDAY, 3rd of Apr
ZOUK – Connection, Shaping and Contorsions Don’t just dance ZOUK, feel ZOUK! Learn the litle intricasis of this beautiful dance. INSTRUCTOR: Jack SD & Monica Leite WEDNESDAY, 3rd of Apr
SALSA MUSICALITY & DANCE Learn about the different instruments of Salsa, their rhythms and patterns. Dance with the music, instead of the counts INSTRUCTORS: Josie & Juan THURSDAY, 4th of Apr
BRAZILIAN SAMBA STAGE PRESENCE, FANCY FOOTWORK & ARMS For all the ladies who want to push their Samba skills. Learn about posture, improve your footwork and learn beautiful arm styling INSTRUCTOR: Cristina Ramon THURSDAY, 4th of Apr


Instructors will focus on specific areas of dancing, techniques and essential skills not usually taught in regular group classes. 2 hours long. Limited numbers.

  • $40 per workshop
  • $30 each if 2 or more
  • 10% Off for MEMBERS (Please see receptionist)



  • There is a total of 7 Specialty Workshops.
  • Please include the date and name of the WORKSHOP during the online transaction.
  • If buying more than 7 Workshops, please see receptionist at the studio.