Spins Shines and Body movementYou want to become a complete dancer? No more turn patterns! This class will help you develop all the other skills you need to energize your dance training.

We will work on:
– Balance exercises: to help you spin and maintain more control while dancing
– Body movement exercises: help you become more flexible and make you look good while moving.
– Shines: how to make easy shines look like they’re really complicated by adding everything you learned during the class.
– Last, but not least: you will get some homework so you can continue to practice outside the studio.

Saturday 6 July 2013, 2:00 to 3:30pm

$25 for this 90min workshop
($20 for Tropical Soul members)

Difficulty level:
It is really easy to work with all different levels from beginner to advanced!
So, if you’re looking to improve as a dancer, you have no excuse 😉

Your beloved Belgian instructor Kevin Benamar aka BeSalsa