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Natalie Charamko
Natalie Charamko

Just left us a 5 star review

I first came to Tropical Soul to further develop my dancing as I had learnt as much as I could for my previous place. I've been taking classes for years at Tropical Soul and I've learnt so much including but limited to; musicality and timing of the music, styling, body movement, new dance styles including zouk and rueda, polishing my fundamentals (they are always reminding us of the importance of fundamentals!), improving my frame and dance posture and the art of performance. My dancing has improved leaps and bounds from all my years going to Tropical Soul. I've had the pleasure to be in multiple choreographies which helped to challenge myself, clean my dance technique, find my own dance style, connect with amazing dancers and perform on stages around Australia! This lead me to gain the confidence to learn and perform two solos of my own. As well as becoming a more confident and better dancer on the social dance floor and on the stage, I had so much fun while doing it!

The best latin dance studio in Sydney. The teachers are outstanding and the vibe is just incredible! I highly recommend it!

A lovely, welcoming school with a desire to foster community. I came as an absolute beginner and I’m a decent level 3 now (still growing, still fun). For those who want to take things further, they run prize-winning choreographed teams.

I met really good instructors there - friendly, chill and passionate about dancing

Friendly and funny people

The staff and fellow students make this place a very fun and friendly community vibe. Shoutout to Sera, her reggaeton classes are super fun, she always has amazing energy and is such a great dance teacher.

I always have the most amazing experience at Tropical Soul Dance Studio! As a beginner dancer, I was nervous about stepping into a studio, but the moment I walked in, I felt like I was transported to a tropical paradise. The studio itself is stunning - the vibrant colours and the sound of upbeat music set the tone for an unforgettable experience. The instructors at Tropical Soul are truly exceptional. They are passionate, knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable and supported every step of the way. The classes are well-structured, challenging yet fun, and catered to all levels. I loved how they broke down complex moves into manageable steps, allowing me to build confidence and master the techniques. What truly sets Tropical Soul apart is their community. The atmosphere is electric - everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and you can't help but feel like you're part of a big happy family. From the warm welcomes to the post-class Instagram video clips, everyone at Tropical Soul makes you feel seen, heard, and celebrated. The studio offers an impressive range of classes, from Salsa to bachata to reggaetón . Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just looking for a new adventure, there's something for everyone. And with their flexible scheduling options, it's easy to fit a class into even the busiest schedule. I've been dancing at Tropical Soul for a couple of years now, and I can happily say that I enjoy learning to dance with a sense of enjoyment and excitement. More importantly however, I've found a sense of belonging and joy that I hadn't expected. It's not just a dance studio - it's a community that's become my happy place. If you're looking for a dance studio that will challenge you, inspire you, and leave you feeling like you're dancing on sunshine, look no further than Tropical Soul Dance Studio. Trust me, you won't regret it!

We attend Tropical Soul for Music Makers Club on Saturdays. Great venue! As a former Latin dancer I can tell from the venue and staff there is a grata vibe.


Great instructors, great studio! 💚💃🏼

Highly recommend this dance school. All the teachers are excellent (without exception across all styles) and they have created a wonderful community. One of the less common dances they offer is Brazilian Zouk, and it's a jewel!! Jack and Tayler have an incredible way of teaching the essence of the dance, which is more than just body movement but it's about partner connection, freedom, deep relaxation and getting in touch with your natural self. I always leave the classes feeling uplifted and the learning journey feels like an "awakening". Once you try it you'll know what I mean!


Have been going to TS for almost 2 years and absolutely love it! Sera is an amazing instructor and I have improved so much in my skills. Her classes are SO much fun as well and a great outlet for self-expression

Tropical Soul is filled with passionate instructors and amazing humans who genuinely want to share their love of dance. I attended Jack’s zouk classes and was really impressed with how much I learned about body movement as well beautiful philosophies on life. Thanks TS :)

This is the place you want to be to lean zouk Jack and Taylor teach connection next level, it’s been a healing and beautiful journey!

This studio is such a gem 💎!!!! An incredible energy and an absolute safe space where everyone support each other . All the instructors are very welcoming . Those classes are definitely the highlight of my evenings.

I found Tropical Soul Dance Studio when searching for dance classes in Sydney online. My experience coming to these classes has been nothing but fun and uplifting. I’ve always loved to dance with my friends but I’ve never felt brave enough to take formal classes. As someone who just arrived in Australia, I didn’t know anyone here but I really wanted to finally get involved in learning how to dance. Tropical Soul creates a really welcoming environment and the classes are so much fun. Going to dance classes at this studio is truly the highlight of my week. As a busy college student, dancing has been really therapeutic for me. When I’m dancing here, I really feel like I can forget about anything that’s stressing me out and I remember that I am capable of amazing things, like learning something totally new!

Great facilities and worthy workshops. Soo good!

It's such a great dance studio. I enrolled with them for six weeks and I came out of that time being a significantly better dancers l than when I came in. The instructors are fun and attentive and you can tailor the class schedule to your own dance goals. For example, I wanted to get some ground in bachata sensual and it was important for me not only to learn the moves but also to repeat them several times. Tropical Soul changed the way I perceive and interpret bachata musicality on the dance floor and my dancing level is just over the roof!! They also do not "exam" you on your level skills, so you can challenge yourself or level down as you wish.

After taking some intro salsa clases while travelling through Central America, I decided to attend TS Dance to continue my learning; and it was the best decision I could have made. TS dance is a friendly, encouraging environment where I’ve improved my salsa and bachata and also made wonderful friends. The vibe and culture of a studio is everything when choosing a place to learn, which is why I recommend TS.

A fantastic dance studio with fun, friendly and energetic teachers, great range of classes to suit all levels and heaps of social dancing events. I’ve been learning at the school for 7 months and have loved it. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn something new, be part of a fun and welcoming community and dance, dance, dance!

Great vibes and amazing team of instructors. Would recommend if you’re interested in learning Latin dancing. Very beginner friendly too 😊

Tropical Soul is the absolute best latin dance studio in Sydney. It is not just a studio with amazing and professional teachers, but it becomes also a family, a community that brings so much joy and fun to everyone's life! In just a few months with TS I feel like I learnt and improved a lot and creared beautiful relationships and connections. At the studio both staff and students are always smiling and super friendly, there's always good vibes and great energy. ❤ Very much recommended.

This is the best studio you can hire in Sydney. Juan is friendly, listening and empathic; the studio has a Fair price. The speakers are the best in this studio; this is my first concern when I hire a studio. In summary, I recommend this studio, and it doesn't matter if you want to teach classes or organise events and parties. Congratulations Tropical Soul

Very friendly and fun place

I have wanted to join a dance class all my life but have been too scared. I got brave a few weeks ago and started classes at Tropical Soul. The teacher, Sera is incredible.. She welcomed me, encourages, and makes it a really fun night. All the other students are very welcoming, too. Thank you, Sera! 💙

Loved this place, Sera was/is amazing. Had a private and will be going back again. Highly recommend.

It's a great place to learn or improve dancing skills. ♥️ Their location is so convenient with plenty of parking spots around the block. Their studio is brand new and fully equipped.

Structured classes, great flooring, well -intentioned, friendly staff and highly useful moves. Location is the only issue but you have to sacrifice location for space and quality. Well done.

Clean, modern studio with great air conditioning. Fabulous friendly dance instructors who know how to move and motivate. Plenty of dancers there at class. Was a great experience. Come join!

The team at Tropical Soul has always driven to give you the best experience of Latin dance and their dance studio is so well setup. I love it.

Great experience, instructors are quite good and they actually dance with you, that feedback is priceless.

My friends and I have been taking private salsa lessons with Kelsi at Tropical Salsa and are now addicted. Can’t speak highly enough about her. Professional, patient, funny and oh so talented. Highlight of our week. Thank you, Kelsi

Amazing school with lots of dance styles and great teachers.

Love this place. Friendly and passionate instructors, so many social events, fabulous studio. Come and join us. You'll never regret :)

Great classes, friendly atmosphere.

Great place to learn Latin dance.

Nice little studio in a good location transport wise. Very friendly dance instructors who explained everything to make it easier. I would recommend it. A great little workout too.

Friendly and fun vibe with experienced, enthusiastic and attentive teachers, definitely a great place to learn or improve in Salsa / Bachata.

I have been going to tropical soul for a year and a half- longer than most things I stick to. I started with one class and now find myself there quite a few nights a week doing different dance styles. The reason is because it is such a great studio – for a large studio it still has a family feel. Classes are fun. All the instructors are excellent, good humoured and encouraging. They always discuss how to dance safely, with dance etiquette, pay attention to detail and work to the level of the class cohort. The school seems to attract a very friendly, inclusive group of people so your sure to enjoy your experience both in classes and socials organised by the school.

Thanks to Kelsi for being our last minute dance instructor for our wedding. Had so much compliment on our first dance. As having no experience in dancing, Kelsi provided easy instructions and explained which move hits the climax of the song.